The scope of the Karachi international water conference reflects the theme of the post 2015 development agenda which is focused on achieving the “Sustainable Development Goals” by 2030. All three dimensions of sustainable development- economic, social and environmental- have to be explored and a coordinated, integrated, equitable and inclusive plan of action needs to be set into motion.

By sharing research findings, technical solutions, innovations, inclusive models, examples of integration and experiences at different levels, policy level dialogue on the future of water can be initiated for the integrated management of water resources, especially in the context of exploring new markets and opportunities to realize the true value of the water economy and activating it to achieve the SDG’s by 2030.

Aims & Objectives

  • Bring water to forefront of people’s minds

  • In depth debate and lobbying on citizen’s water policy developed by TT

  • Water advocacy

  • Scale and variety of water (ideas, interventions, innovations etc)

  • Reach out to all critical stakeholders including government, academia, civil society, media, business and corporate sector, urban and rural communities, and experts to catalyze the practical implementation of sustainable development goals in terms of water management

  • Identify avenues of integration, collaboration and partnerships in order to realize the potential of the water economy

  • Identify strategies for sharing, promoting and implementing climate action

  • Showcase models and experiences from across the world that display innovative science and technology for water


  • Declaration of KIWC 2017

  • Announcement of Hisaar Institute for Multidisciplinary Studies on Water

  • Provincial water policies for Sindh and Balochistan

  • Expansion of membership of Universities for Water Network

Participants  from Pakistan, South Asia and across the globe are expected to attend this conference.